Monday, September 27, 2010

Penis Envy

Why would I call a blog post that? Well, I just saw a commercial on broadcast TV at 8pm showing penis pumps and men talking about the need to enlarge themselves and going into detail about the subject. I suppose that despite the fact I am pretty out there and open myself about talking about sexually related things, after all I worked at an adult bookstore for 3 years, I am apparently still a little prudish somewhere in me since I think its pretty ridiculous to show a commercial for that during prime time public tv!

Moving on, I went to the Warehouse today. Think of Wal-Mart as a classy version of the Warehouse, like Target to Wal-Mart, or Meijer to Kmart. I went in and was quite surprised by the fact it looks like it is somewhere between a Home Depot style store with tall industrial shelves and a run down post Christmas Walmart. Some items are all strewn about randomly with handwritten signs, hence why they says it’s the place where everyone gets a deal. At any rate, I bought a $59 cell phone from there to go with the Sim card that I bought at the phone company, where they don’t require you to get a phone with the plan… they directed me to the Warehouse! Its so weird, I have no tax ID here and no verifiable address, yet they put me on a plan just with an email address. Incredibly trusting they are here- just like the airport, where I forgot to mention, I never went through security here before boarding my plane after leaving one terminal and going to another.

I think the laid back nature of this place is going to be a great influence on me!

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