Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So, here I am, in a hostel… in New Zealand

So, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then like any language, it must sometime be translated. Let’s put it this way… I am pretty tolerant of places I stay and have lived, but today when I arrived at the hostel, I bought 5 days rather than 3 weeks of a stay. I kinda want to wear socks to shower… my house where soda leaked through the floor and the floor bowed when you walked in was better than this place. There are stained carpets, chipped paint, somewhat unclean bathroom, spider webs and more. I will be looking at another place Sunday and will hopefully like it, assuming the pictures don’t need translation there as well. This just means more exploring at night, right? J Joanne – New Brunswick was nicer LOL!

The place I looked at on college had a patio door for a wall and windows, shower straight to a drain in the floor, and yeah... I hope this isn't a sign of all places in Palmy for living single.

Sunday I look at the hub for a more permanent solution!


  1. If that place makes the HoJo in New Brunswick seem like the Hilton in Times Square, then I don't blame you for only staying 3 days! Is this the same hostel that you showed me online before you left?? I'm sure you will find a more tolerable solution elsewhere! where do most of the students stay?

  2. Yes, it is the one posted on facebook... hence the needed translation of a thousand words LOL!

    Most students apparently don't care or live in big houses with lots of roomates :-(

  3. It sounds like house hunting is going to be an adventure unto itself. Sadly, I've seen places that bad in Houghton. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  4. Jess, I would choose Houghton over this! I lived in those places you saw :-)