Sunday, October 3, 2010

Astonomically Misplaced

As much of a geek as this may make me sound, if you really want to feel out of place and lost, look up at the sky. When you gaze at the stars and realize you don't recognize a single constellation, you will realize how far from home you are. I never really thought of how comforting the big and little dippers were, but they oddly add a major amount of comfort when roaming at night. I guess I will just have to learn to identify the Southern Cross now and get to know the stars above.

On another note, today I am moving to the new studio apartment at the Hub. Its on the higher end of the cost spectrum as far as accomodation goes here, but everything is included for about the price of most adverstised places at the moment. My officemate, Emma, said to keep an eye out in the coming weeks as students will be leaving for their summer vacations and lots of places will open. Hopefully there will be some gems that are found. I am not opposed to roommates I guess, but I would like to get to know people before I live with them, as long as I have my own space. I am not 100% sure I want an unfurnished place since that would involve furniture and such that I would have to deal with when leaving. However, furnished places are much more costly. Once I get a car, which I still plan to do, the price for rent goes up $35 a week, which is much more of an incentive to move elsewhere.

I joined a flatmate search service today, so hopefully someone will find a match with me and can wait a month for me to move it.  As you can all tell, I am pretty comsumed by finding a place to live and a car, so hopefully it will all come together quickly. And, in addition to that, hopefully my car will sell quickly in Detroit too. No bites in a month, but I would love to unload it soon and not have to worry about the costs there too.

Otherwise, things are progressing here. I have a schedule for the next 12 months of what I have to do for my research, so I really need to get on that and get moving. I have to be self motivated with it and get my butt in gear here. Its so much more laid back than in the States that its tough for me to get myself moving. I think it will come once I know I am settled, at least for the next month.

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