Sunday, October 10, 2010

Testing the new feed... And, a field trip I shall go!

So, I think I may have finally gotten Facebook to recognize my blogs automatically, so this is a test of that :)

Tomorrow, before it gets too windy, we are heading up to the TMZ (Taupo Volcanic Zone). I am super excited, actually. It will be my first trip to the volcanoes in New Zealand and its quite exciting. I will definitely have my camera in tow, so be ready for some pictures of it!!

Other than that, I am getting a bit homesick and missing my friends. Its rather difficult to make friends when you are not in classes. I know the others in the department, and they are very friendly, but I feel as though I have lost my social skills for hanging out with new people! I don't really know why, but this week is a Latin Film festival, so hopefully, I can meet some people there. I have been in contact with the GLBT group in Palmy, so I am hoping to meet some like minded people there. I guess my internal don't seem desparate feeling overrides the wish to have people to hang out with. Though I did meet one person online who I went out to a club Saturday night with, while it was fun, I think I need more chill things to do at this point. I long for the random adventures of the UP!

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